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Towards increasing independence and maintaining quality of life.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of health and long-term
care, and experience with issues concerning the developmentally
challenged, the company offers insight and creative solutions towards
increasing independence and maintaining quality of life for a diverse
aging population.

Our Mission

Among the company’s goals are those to employ creative and current solutions towards increasing independence for individuals and families living with developmental challenges. For effective and inclusive participation in society, the aim is to identify, focus and build on individual strengths and abilities.

Our Philosophy

The company’s philosophy towards independent living begins with the belief in an individual’s right to maintain citizenship in society. This philosophy extends to a personal right to maintain one’s own identity and secure the quality of life to which one is accustomed. The philosophy embraces a culture of health promotion and education.

Our Values

The values of the company are grounded in the following principles:

  • Equity; All individuals are deserving of equal access to quality care and resources and recognition as contributing members of society.
  • Freedom; All individuals are able to exercise choice in acquisition of resources and have opinions about their needs.
  • Inclusion; All individuals, form the basis of community and have the right to be citizens and enjoy the benefits thereof.
  • Dignity and Respect; All individuals have the right to human dignity and respect in all aspects of their daily lives.
  • Accountability; We are dedicated to exercising best practices in our service provisions which includes collaboration with individuals and families in order reach the best possible outcomes.